Doctoral thesis

A high-density electroencephalographic investigation of sleep brain oscillations : a unique window to explore neuropsychiatric disorders

  • 2022

PhD: Università della Svizzera italiana

English Slow wave activity (SWA, 1 - 4 Hz) is the hallmark of Non-Rapid Eye Movement (NREM) sleep and a marker of brain connectivity and excitability, specifically involved in
in experience-dependent plasticity and in brain maturation. Indeed, SWA undergoes significant changes throughout development, mirroring changes in brain function and anatomy. In this cumulative thesis, I took advantage of scalp high-density electroencephalography (hdEEG, 256 channels) in order to expand our knowledge on SWA properties during the developmental period. This knowledge could be used to track physiological brain maturation and inform specific pathological processes in the field of sleep and psychiatry. The thesis is articulated in 5 sub-projects. In the first project, I created a user-friendly pipeline for hdEEG data pre- and post-processing. In the second project, I characterized individual slow wave properties such as origin, synchronization, and cortical propagation in healthy children and young adults. In the subsequent 3 projects, I analysed 3 different samples of patients to illustrate possible applications of hdEEG slow wave analysis in clinical research.
  • English
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