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Mobilité urbaine et formes résidentielles : une étude longitudinale à travers l'exemple de Lausanne, 1835-1844

  • 2014
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  • Schweizerisches Jahrbuch für Wirtschafts- und Sozialgeschichte = Annuaire suisse d'histoire économique et sociale. - 2014, vol. 28, p. 159-182
English Historical studies have often shown a high degree of residential mobility among urban populations. Using a longitudinal perspective, this article investigates the moving behaviour of two samples of individuals who lived on one of two streets in the city of Lausanne (rue de Bourg and rue du Pont) between 1835 and 1844. Our analysis shows that both streets were characterized by a high turnover and a high degree of residential mobility. In the year following the first observation, only half of the individuals still lived in the same house, and less than one out of eight individuals lived on the same street for five consecutive years. A multivariate analysis shows that the level of residential mobility differed according to individuals' profiles. Family members (heads of household, spouses and children) were more sedentary than domestic servants and lodgers. Moreover, we find an inverse relationship between social status and level of mobility, as well as a higher degree of residential stability among women.
  • French
Medieval and modern history
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