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Histogram equalization using a selective filter

  • 2022
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  • The visual computer. - 2022
English Many popular modern image processing software packages implement a naïve form of histogram equalization. This implementation is known to produce histograms that are not truly uniform. While exact histogram equalization techniques exist, these may produce undesirable artifacts in some scenarios. In this paper we consider the link between the established continuous theory for global histogram equalization and its discrete implementation, and we formulate a novel histogram equalization technique that builds upon and considerably improves the naïve approach. We show that we can linearly interpolate the cumulative distribution of a low-bit image by approximately dequantizing its intensities using a selective box filter. This helps to distribute the intensities more evenly. The proposed algorithm is subsequently evaluated and compared with existing works in the literature. We find that the method is capable of producing an equalized histogram that has a high entropy, while distances between similar intensities are preserved. The described approach has implications on several related image processing problems, e.g., edge detection.
  • English
Computer science and technology
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