Doctoral thesis

iWareBatik : digital information system for enhancing Batik learning in the framework of heritage preservation and sustainable tourism

  • 2022

PhD: Università della Svizzera italiana

English Digital technologies play important roles in improving the preservation, raising people's awareness and the mediation of intangible cultural heritage (ICH). This doctoral study addresses the issues on how to orchestrate digital media in order to resolve the challenges of preserving Indonesian Batik textile heritage in the era of digital technology. Indonesian Batik was inscribed on UNESCO's List of Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) on October 2nd, 2009. In light of supporting the sustainable preservation of Indonesian Batik, this study highlights the critical roles of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in fostering the capacity building of people engaged in the heritage, tourism and fashion sectors through the development of digital platforms called iWareBatik. Digital technologies for ICH shall be carefully curated in order to better communicate exceptional cultural values better of this tradition, protect the cultural identity of local communities, and disseminate its cultural significance to diverse audiences. Given the complex mission of ICH preservation and its wide range of communication objectives, this study offers an exemplary research project that aims to provide new approaches in adopting hypermedia-intensive ICT and artificial intelligence as an innovative breakthrough for communicating Indonesian Batik as UNESCO ICH since 2009. Through the creation of iWareBatik digital platforms as the central part of this study, the thesis further demonstrates the five roles of digital technologies Access, Better Experience, Connect, Dis-intermediate, and Educate, known as an acronym of ABCDE. iWareBatik digital platforms were designed and developed in accordance with four theoretical frameworks, namely Online Communication Model (OCM), ADDIE model, Analysis of Web App Requirements (AWARe), and service design research. From the conception to the evaluation phase, the development of iWareBatik digital technologies includes curating a knowledge database covering the philosophical meanings of 124 Batik motifs, thematic wearing rules, and information of 129 Indonesian cultural/natural tourism destinations nationwide. This doctoral dissertation includes seven published articles several scientific publications that provide a path to comprehend benchmarking analysis on website, mobile apps, general digital technologies in communicating fashion heritage in tourism context, User Requirements Elicitation (URE) involving multination stakeholders and 191 respondents, the conceptual design and technical development of the artificial intelligence pattern recognition system of the Batik Recognition Tool using VGG16 and MobileNetV2, embedded within the iWareBatik mobile app. As the final part of this thesis, covers the evaluation studies in forms of user experience carried out as learning and citizen engagement activities, conducted with the participation of 997 bachelor student participants in collaboration with 33 Indonesian universities and tourism institutes nationwide. This study is addressed to scholars and practitioners in tourism, heritage, and fashion to inspire intended users to better manage and valorize the textile heritage in its due contexts.
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