Doctoral thesis

Labour market outcomes : Careers, transitions and durations


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Thèse de doctorat: Università della Svizzera italiana, 2020

English This thesis contributes to labour economics by considering a wide range of factors influencing career paths, transitions to self- employment and duration in entrepreneurship. In the past literature, several studies have analysed labour market outcomes, transitions and durations. Nevertheless, there is the need of knowing more about the influence of individual and background characteristics on labour market outcomes. This thesis consists of three independent chapters studying three separate issues that can stand-alone but are thematically linked one to each other by a common purpose of providing policy implications related to labour market outcomes. Chapter one deals with adolescence and nuclear family features affecting early career paths. Early prevention of career failures, in order to hinder chronic unemployment or fragmented work trajectories, could be adopted. Chapter two aims to shed light on entrepreneurial capacities of immigrants and natives in Switzerland, distinguishing between first and second-generation immigrants. In this case, decision makers could target particular social categories that are under-represented in self-employment and foster their entrepreneurial propensity through entrepreneurial training programs or other incentives. Chapter three takes a further step, looking at the factors influencing start-up survival. It mainly focuses on the motivation to start the business and the innovative behaviour adopted by the firm. Financial investors and policy makers undoubtedly want to understand the determinants of firm survival for the sake of financing and supporting start-ups that are less likely to fail in the long term.
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