Doctoral thesis

Physics and information : what is the role of information in physics?


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Thèse de doctorat: Università della Svizzera italiana, 2019

English More than a century ago, physicists around the world were collectively developing a theory to describe the newly discovered strange behaviours of some physical systems. This marks the birth of quantum theory. Few decades later, the groundbreaking idea to separate information from its physical carrier led to the establishment of information theory. These, initially independent theories, merged together in the last decades of the former century, leaving us with quantum information theory. This thesis will explore topics at the intersection of mathematics, physics and computer science, trying to elucidate the interwovenness of these three disciplines. While doing so, the results that were established during the years of studies leading up to this work are introduced. The question posed in the title will not be answered fully, as it may be too early still to give a definite answer to this multifaceted question.
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