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La “filosofia architettonica” di Frei Otto : i concetti di forma, estetica ed etica e la loro ricezione

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  • Form-finding, form-shaping, designing architecture : experimental, aesthetical, and ethical approaches to form in recent and postwar architecture = approcci sperimentali, estetici ed etici alla forma in architettura, dal dopoguerra ad oggi / Hildebrand, Sonja ; Bergmann, Elisabeth. - Mendrisio Academy Press. - 2015, p. 77-95
English Form(-finding), aesthetics and ethics are key concepts in the philosophy of architect Frei Otto. Several of his ideas currently appear to be experiencing a renaissance. This is especially true for his concept of “form-finding” which frequently features in contemporary architectural discourse – albeit often with one of two common misconceptions: in the first, the term is used, or misused, as a catch-all for every imaginable approach to form, while in the second misconception “form-finding” is often presented simply as the genesis of form in a process of experimentation overlooking its inseparably intertwined theoretical background. For these reasons, this paper comprehensively examines Frei Otto’s own position on the meaning of these key concepts. Two cases demonstrate exemplarily the wider dissemination of his ideas: in the work and writings of Swiss architect Lisbeth Sachs from the 1970s, and, more currently, in the buildings and urban planning of Zaha Hadid with the theoretical underpinning of her professional partner, Patrick Schumacher.
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