Doctoral thesis

Destinations dynamic : a management and governance perspective


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Thèse de doctorat: Università della Svizzera italiana, 2010 (jury note: cum laude)

English Not all industries move at the same pace, no two destinations are matched or develop at the same rate, not all organizations and people act the same way. This thesis investigates the dynamic nature of the tourism sector. The complexity of players involved in the delivery of the tourist experience, demands a sophisticated ability to design and manage the supply chain in order to get maximum advantage in a market where competitive forces may change any second. Also, the fragmented nature of the tourism sector is another major challenge for the governance environment, typically characterized by a mix of multiple stakeholders and therefore control issues. We intend to contribute to tourism research with new content and new methodology. Analyzing destination through a clockspeed lens will allow a better understanding of various components of the value chain and will also help practitioners to sharpen their understanding of the success criteria that must be pursued. The analytical tools proposed for the analysis of decision making organizations will contribute to advance the field of governance and as well to help decision makers to better comprehend the dynamic of their organizations and minimize the risk of narrow perspectives for stakeholders and shareholders satisfaction.
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