Doctoral thesis

E2ML : Educational Environment Modeling Language


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Thèse de doctorat: Università della Svizzera italiana, 2003 (jury note: Summa cum laude)

English This study moves from the consideration of the communication dynamics within the instructional design practice. With the introduction of electronic media, the design of educational environments in Higher Education has ceased to be a craftsmanship activity, and has acquired some features proper of mass production. This makes communication a more and more critical issue in design. The original goal of this work is to propose a communication tool that can support designers in this new and more challenging professional context. The result is E2ML, a conceptual design language with a simple notation system. The method proposed is that proper of design and applied sciences: critical observation of needs and practices aimed at the definition of a new tool. The Introduction is devoted to setting the research problem and to introduce a new perspective on education and technologies, taken from the work of B. Lonergan. Chapter I proposes a review of the existing literature about instructional design, which includes also the more recent developments concerning Learning Object and Learning Technologies metadata standards. Chapter II introduces E2ML, in its simple and advanced versions, while Chapter III answers some questions about its conceptual background and exploitation, and explores the relationship between E2ML, other Instructional Design models and Learning Technology standards. Chapter four collects several case studies that illustrate the use, benefits and shortcomings of the new language. Chapter V finally proposes a first evaluation framework for such a language along with data collected from a small study conducted with experienced instructional designers.
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