Doctoral thesis

Sistemi economici e il ruolo della tecnologia : un'esplorazione teorica sulla dinamica strutturale



Thèse de doctorat: Università della Svizzera italiana, 2007 (jury note: summa cum laude)

English This research examines theoretically the problem of structural change. It is, in particular, an analysis of how economic systems and economic theory deal with structural change. The emphasis of the research is on three central topics: economic theory, systems theory and technological change. The particular focus of Part I is on features of economic structure definition, representation and methods. Part II deals with systems as abstract objects and system theory vis-à-vis with its structural endeavour, therefore concepts were presented to deal with changing systems. But this research also focuses its attention, in Part III, on the dynamic and evolutionary character of the particular technological changes and their interactions with economic systems.Two examples of technological innovation - Computer and the Internet - will be used to examine, in a historical framework,the core of the structural change. Based on economics and system theory, but with a multidisciplinary view, the present research combines the more traditional historic view with complexity science to achieve a more robust view of the economic system and its structural analysis.
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