What is SONAR

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Created: 27-06-2024 - Last updated: 27-06-2024

SONAR is an institutional repository (IR) system with a focus on speed and simplicity for managing publications in a university, company, or any organisation. It is especially well-suited for the management of open access publications.


Document submitting process

SONAR allows different user roles (submitter, moderator, administrator) to streamline the document submission and validation process. Usually, a submitter (researcher) creates a deposit, which is then controlled and validated by a moderator (e-librarian).

Deposit workflow

Public interface

Validated documents are displayed in a user-friendly public interface so that users (researchers, teachers, students, etc.) can search and browse the institution's publications and their full-text content. The underlying tech stack allows the application to be blazing fast even when hosting millions of documents and files.

Metadata and files

SONAR can contain not only standard-compliant metadata (Bibframe), but also the documents themselves as files (.pdf, .txt, etc.). The textual content of the files is indexed and fully searchable.

Development and source code

SONAR is developed by the RERO+ Foundation in Martigny (Switzerland). The app is open source and its source code is available on Github.

Basic principles